About Us

Our Vision

“We are looking for a world where no one is without education, healthcare, shelter and clean water”
Life saver works in countries where there is rise in population that lives under the poverty line, Health & Education facilities are inferior, empower and build their capacity to ensure affected population’s access to healthcare, education, clean drinking water, Shelter that leads to a dignified life.
We are a non-governmental organization devoted to alleviating the suffering and improving the sustainability mechanisms of affected population.
Life saver partners directly with affected population around the world, delivering humanitarian, healthcare, Educational and development programs to enable them to improve their living practices and their sustainability mechanisms. This is done through informed assessed needs to ensure the right decisions are taken while programming.
We also collaborate with national and international non-governmental organizations, local initiatives responding to the humanitarian crisis with capacity development programs, to be better equipped with the skills they need to prepare and respond to affected population’s needs and to ensure that these communities where we work achieve sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and build the capacity of individuals and organizations, provision of better healthcare, education, shelter and clean drinking water to population living under the poverty line and ensure access to dignified life.
We carry out humanitarian and development work through building local capacity, and proper resource management.